Abbey Park Schools Federation

The Star Room

The Star Room, Discovery Room & Learning Zone

Welcome to The Star Room and The Discovery Room – our Mainstream Autism Base (MAB) for Years 5, 6 and 7 at Abbey Park Federation, for pupils with Autism and an EHCP.

The Star Room is a place where we celebrate all that is good about Autism as well as develop skills to overcome any barriers. We aim to provide a broad and varied curriculum in line with mainstream classes, that is inclusive of each young person’s individual needs. Admission to The Star Room is through SEN Services Worcestershire County Council, not the school. All queries regarding provision need to be directed to: Worcestershire County Council Local Offer

Our Star Room pupils have the opportunity to engage in learning within their mainstream class supported by specialist support. They also have access to small group learning experiences within the class. As well as this, there are group, paired and individual specialist autism teaching sessions available in The Star Room, the Discovery Room and the Learning Zone – all centred around each pupil’s needs. The amount of time each pupil spends in The Star Room will depend upon their level of need; however, we do encourage each pupil to integrate as fully as possible into their mainstream class and school life. The Star Room: Where pupils fulfil their potential in an inclusive and engaging environment that recognises their individual needs.