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Emotional Regulation

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This is a pivotal part of the curriculum for all our Star Room pupils. Our Star Room pupils are explicitly taught about the range of emotions that they may feel and how their body responds to these emotions. It is integral to the teaching in the Star Room and The Discovery Room.

Zones of Regulation

The ‘Zones of Regulation Model’ is the primary vehicle of supporting pupils to understand their own bodies response to emotion. The heart of this support system is to recognise that it is ok to feel a range of emotions and that even positive emotions can lead to individuals becoming out of control.

Videos, photos and real life situations are used to support and model emotions. As well as a range of ‘tools’ that can be used to support pupils when they feel emotions that send them out of control. An important part of this process is adults modelling when they feel an emotion and modelling to the pupils how they use their own set of ‘tools’ to regulate themselves.