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We use a scheme called ‘zones of regulation’ in school to teach our pupils to name and regulate their emotions using many useful strategies.

We are using this across the whole federation and are teaching it in some of our PSHE lessons.

Learn more about this brilliant scheme and use it at home too!


Zones Training for Parents – Video link:

1. Recognise emotions-name them what do they feel like in the body and emotionally? How do they make others feel? Can we change them?

Some suggested resources:

Zones of Regulation videos for kids -Inside out – guess the feeling.

Inside Out Meet the Zones: Green, Blue, Red, and Yellow – Bing video

Zones of Regulation-identifying the emotions:

Non-Disney/Dreamworks Zones of Regulation: Identify Emotions – YouTube

Zones of Regulation-identifying the emotions – finding Nemo:

Finding Nemo: First Day of school – Bing video

2. Introduce 4x Zones – there is no wrong zone.

Some suggested resources:

Coming soon……

Zones Song:

Zones of Regulation Song For Kids- BlackBerry Jam Kids Music – YouTube

3. Match emotions to zones (zones bingo/sort emotion pictures/mime an emotion and sort into a zone)- same emotion not always in same zone for each person – excited could put you in the green or red zone depending on your personal reaction to it…)

Some suggested resources:

Zones of Regulation-identifying the zones:

Zones of Regulation: Identify what zone your body is in, and find a way to get regulated – Bing video

4. Triggers- what puts you in the blue zone?

Some suggested resources:

Zones of Regulation-identifying the triggers:

Animal Rejoins The Muppets at Anger Managment: “In Control …” – YouTube

5. Toolbox- what things can you do to help you to move from the blue zone to the green zone? Can you generate your own tools? What works in school and at what point in the school day? What works at home? What tools can I use even in a lesson?

Some suggested resources:

Zones of Regulation-identifying the tools:

Zones of Regulation 1st Teen/Tween Tool of the Week: Water Break – Bing video

Zones of Regulation 1st Kids Tool of the Week: Animal Adventure – YouTube

Other useful resources:

  1. Official Zones Website:
  2. Zones App for ipad.
  3. Zones at Home (You Tube channel): Zones of Regulation: Activity Check-in at Home via Social Thinking – YouTube
  4. Virtual Calming Rooms

Critical Vocabulary:

  • Emotions
  • Zones of Regulation
  • Good Thoughts/Uncomfortable Thoughts
  • Expected/Unexpected Behaviours
  • What is the Size of the Problem?
  • Superflex Thinking/ Rock Brain Thinking.

Other Ideas:

  1. Parents to have a personal, visible zone board that they use model naming emotions and strategies (Zones check in example).
  2. Bookmarks or key rings at home.
  3. Individual Zones Toolbox at home (Key ring, bubble wrap, photo, textured cloth, Zones bookmark with strategies).