Abbey Park Schools Federation

At Abbey Park Schools Federation, we aim to provide a French curriculum, which enables children to enjoy language learning with confidence. Using the National Curriculum Programme, the children are given the opportunity to learn French vocabulary in clear topic areas and develop at their own pace whilst having fun.

In the First School, children concentrate on speaking and listening primarily and understand that there are similarities and differences in language and culture throughout the world.  In Middle School pupils develop their skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing.  They will also recognise the differences and similarities between French grammar and pronunciation in English. We want the children to love learning about and sharing knowledge of other languages and cultures as a basis for future language learning.

Throughout the curriculum the children experience what it is like to be French, through activities such as food tasting, learning about French customs and daily life such as going to school and how key traditions such as Christmas and Easter are celebrated.  Children learn French songs and stories as well as enjoy learning about French artists, musicians and fashion.  In year 7 the students have taken part in a trip abroad.