Abbey Park Schools Federation

Hedgehogs (Year 2)

Our Amazing Work!

In English this week Year Two have been reading the book,  ‘Traction Man’. The children had to use their inference and oracy skills to act out how Traction Man felt when he received a green, knitted romper suit as a gift. Miss Hirst and Mrs Williams were blown away at their skills!

This week the Hedgehog class have been using cubes to share and group amounts. They were able to make it, draw it and add a number sentence. 

In D&T this term, year 2 have been having lots of fun planning, designing and creating their own fruit salads. They did some great learning about food hygiene, kitchen safety and healthy foods. Moreover, they had the best time sampling and evaluating their wonderful work.

Year 2 have been working very hard over the last week to perfect their Christmas performance. Their hard work has certainly paid off! We are very proud of them all.

In PE this week, Year Two has been using body tension to make shapes, such as pike, tuck, dish, straddle and many more. They were amazing at finding different ways to travel before making their shape. We are looking forward to seeing their sequences in the upcoming weeks.

Today, we became Sound Collectors. We had to be very quiet so we could hear the amazing sounds in our forest area. We then wrote sentences describing the sounds we heard.

In our science lessons this term we have been investigating materials. This week we experimented to find if adding a wax layer to materials would make them waterproof. We had some excellent predictions and I was super impressed at how scientifically they worked throughout the lesson.

Hedgehogs class have been following a recipe to make delicious bread this week. Next, they are going to write their own bread recipe so they can bake bread at home too.

Year two has had a super start to the autumn term. The children have been using compasses around the school to give directions. They even came up with their mnemonic ‘Narwhals, Enjoy, Salty, Water. They were all able to write the directions to different locations and became confident with how to use a compass.  We are looking forward to looking at local maps of Pershore to see what physical and human features we can find.