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Personalised Curriculum

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We offer a specialist, individually tailored curriculum that meets the learning and developmental needs of each child.

We provide this within an integrated setting, where each young person can learn alongside their peers at a pace which suits their needs.

Our Star Room children have the opportunity to engage in learning in our mainstream setting, supported by a specialist teacher, or teaching assistant or working independently as appropriate for each child.

The amount of time that each child will spend in The Star Room or The Discovery Room is child-specific and is continually reviewed.

Star Room Learning within Mainstream

Mainstream staff are also supported by our specialist team to provide an Autism-friendly learning environment in all classrooms and across the school environment.

Staff and students make full use of language support systems such as Communicate In Print, IT resources such as iPads, laptops and Smart Boards to support teaching and learning.

Star Room Learning within The Star Room and Discovery Room

Our Star Room pupils have an individualised curriculum designed to support their needs which might include;

  • Social communication and interaction,
  • Emotional regulation,
  • Sensory processing skills,
  • Focus and attention
  • Life preparation skills
  • Experiences which include organisational and memory support skills.

The Star Room uses specialist approaches to teaching and learning such as; Zones of Regulation, Talkabout, Lego Therapy to name but a few. However, we tailor the learning style used to meet individual needs.