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Sensory Processing Support

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The Star Room is designed to be a calm and quiet environment where children can work on the acquisition of specific skills in a surrounding in which they feel both safe and comfortable. Learning is developed through a range of activities including multi-sensory learning, play and relaxation. The students in the Star Room will also have access to all the facilities offered by Abbey Park Federation Middle School. Low Arousal EnvironmentThe Star Room and Discovery Rooms are designed to be low-arousal environments with calm, neutral-coloured

walls and limited displays to ensure our pupils have the best learning environments possible.

Work Stations

Each pupil’s specific learning space is personalised. The Star Room has desks with moveable screens, so each pupil can have access to a workstation.

The Quiet Room

The Quiet Room is used by the pupils for relaxation as well as a safe place to calm down. The LED star floor, mood light, weighted blanket, weighted toy dog and scent diffuser offer a sensory haven for many of the pupils in the Star Room.

Sensory Profiles and Sensory Diets

Each Star Room pupil has a sensory profile, designed and worked on by the Star Room team. This profile is built up over time with input from our Star Room pupils, parents, outside professionals who work with our children and our own expert team.