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Social Communication

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The Star Room curriculum is designed to provide excellent opportunities to support pupils with their social communication and interaction skills. Every opportunity is taken to help support each pupil when interacting with their peers and adults.


Our base team is highly skilled in delivering Talkabout interventions – a speech and language approach that is widely used as a support system for individuals with ASD. Our Star Room pupils and our team, also receive expert input and training from our specialist Speech and Language therapist, who regularly visits the setting to work with both pupils and staff.

Lego Therapy

Using and constructing items from Lego greatly benefits all the pupils in The Star Room. The pupils are encouraged to listen to others, ask questions, develop a sensitivity to others and share items by building models collaboratively. The pupils are then supported to transfer these communications skills in other social situations.

Social Stories

Many of our Star Room pupils need support to understand other people’s thoughts, body language and emotions. Time is spent supporting and teaching our Star Room pupils to navigate through these complex social situations. This process is then used to support our Star Room pupils when social challenges arise.

Speech & Language

Many of our Star Room pupils benefit from having personalised targets given by our trained S&L therapist that are either delivered in small group or 1:1 sessions.